Monday, September 12, 2011

poem love: Ogden Nash

Mona and Lucy

fossils | ogden nash

at midnight in the museum hall,
the fossils gathered for a ball,
there were no drums or saxophones,
but just the clatter of their bones,
rolling, rattling carefree circus,
of mammoth polkas and mazurkas,
pterodactyls and brontosauruses
sang ghostly prehistoric choruses,
amid the mastodonic wassail
i caught the eye of one small fossil,
“cheer up sad world,” he said and winked,
“it’s kind of fun to be extinct

found on
in the lovely little Sautter Pictures shop

Life starts all over again, when it gets crisp in the fall- The Great Gatsby


I miss sweaters
I found this beauty on Pinterest (shocker)
I *love* the heart elbow patches
thinking about hitting up the thrift store
 breaking out a needle and thread
just so that I am prepared
for when the air gets a little crisper