Monday, January 12, 2009

let the lists continue-

Organization escapes me.
Procrastination and excuses do not. 
Poor boyfriend. 

I have good intentions though, I really, really want to be organized. 
Lists are good - they make me feel like I am getting started from my seat on the couch. 
Here it goes, as Martha cooks on the television. 

1. Recipes (cut from magazines and put in my book)
2. Pantry 
3. Food Budget and meal plans. 
4. Cleaning lists 
5. Laundry room (yes i have a laundry room)
6. The studio
7. my own budget
8. the calendar (events, birthdays, concerts, laundry day)

to do this week:
1. change of address with bank and magazines
2. shopping for boyfriends birthday
3. the pantry 
4. pay bills and banking