Sunday, August 1, 2010

Party a~la the Point

(The Delta Saints 7/30)

What to do on a Friday evening in Mt. Pleasant, SC
*Party at the Point*
(thats what)
~throw in some fab girlfriends~
 add some Thai inspired cocktails
~don't forget the amazing live music~
and you have 
one heck of an evening

The Cocktail above
is a 
~Thai One On~
Two parts Tanqueray Gin
one part Saint Germain
dash of thai basil simple syrup
thai basil ice cubes
soda water
**Soooo Delish**

~that is one big taco~

(Crowfield playing for their "biggest" fan)

A big thanks to Crowfield 
for putting on an amazing show
we danced through the night 
and had an all around
~fantastic time~