Monday, January 4, 2010

I made caramel popcorn last night

smidge bitter
how absolutely easy it was

i just poured melted caramel candies
over some low-fat popcorn
*orville is my favorite*

and placed in a 300 degree oven
for a few minutes
(tossing a few times to get it gooey)

*don't walk away though* 
it will burn the minute you walk away

P.S. thanks Laurel  : )


So our dear friends
Got hitched December 19, 2009
it was a beautiful ceremony
and perfectly intimate

 The Boyfriend and I are very lucky
to have such great friends
and to have been a part of their

after the I do's 

down the aisle 

first dance

G's son sampling the cake
*favorite moment ever*

P.S. Boyfriend & I introduced this couple
and babysat on their first date
we are so stoked that it was such a
perfect match!

Tasty treats 2009

(treat boxes 2009)

This past holiday season
I put together some handmade gifts

Each box contained

I handed them out to my bar regulars
*and my friends*
these were so fun to make
and give!