Monday, May 31, 2010

Red, White & Blue Dessert

Okay... Okay...
So technically 
blackberries are not blue
(purple maybe?)
~blueberries would work too~

here is the 5 minute
(construction time)
recipe for 
Graham Cracker Icebox Cake
(crazy easy)

All you need is:

Graham Crackers
Whipped Cream
Berries (your choice)
Chocolate sauce (optional)

I used strawberries & blackberries
it would be very tasty
with  any fruit of your choice

the trick to Icebox cakes is layering
*all you have to do is *

1. layer of crackers
2. layer of whipped cream
3. layer of fruit
4. another layer of cream
5. repeat until satisfied
(or out of fruit)
6. refrigerate for atleast 2 hours
so that the crackers 
soak up
the whipped cream
7. top with chocolate sauce

*i made mine from scratch*
~but really there are no rules here~

~Icebox cakes rank pretty high~
in our house for dessert
*no oven required*