Sunday, July 25, 2010

I love lamp.

Pendant Paper Lamp Midsummer Light, White

I saw this lamp in avondale
a few years ago
~and have never forgotten it~
I just don't know how to use it in the house
it's kinda a statement piece

P.S. it comes in pink too!

“No bees, no honey; no work, no money”

Hayes Valley Farm
My momma is allergic to honey bee stings
~I've never been stung~
Bee Keeping interests me
the boyfriend says only if we had more property

There is a organic farm in San Francisco 
that has put time and energy into
farming and educating a community
Earlier this week
someone vandalized their thriving bee hives
killing over 250,000 honey bees
honeybees are already threatened 
I don't understand what would bring someone 
to do something like that
~it's a terrible thing~

for more information 

A New Kind of Love~

One of my favorite guilty pleasure movies

It's silly
It doesn't take itself too seriously 
and even though it may not have won any Oscars
I love to watch it on a rainy day afternoon
The Sixties fashion is fab
the story is hilarious
*Mistaken identity*Prostitution*Paris*

I need to break out my DVD's 
~Just thinking about it~