Friday, October 8, 2010


(my cousins and I with my grandpa at Chris' wedding) 

My favorite part of this photo
is how 
*we all smile the same*

Pumpkin Lattes & Bargain Books

*It's happy dance time*
was awesome

Starting with a very delish
Pumpkin Spice latte
even though the line was long
~I didn't even mind~

I headed
 downtown to 

(this is only half of the space)
awesome right!

I bought all sorts of fun books
an awesome introduction to typography from the 40's
a bunch of old yellow paper back Nancy Drew novels
some funky cookbooks
an old children's book about cats living on the Eiffel Tower

*here is the best book I didn't buy*

 Behind the Cloud
the warm and thrilling story
 of a beautiful girl alone with all the men
on an Alaskan air base

-I especially love the cover graphic-

*I'm betting the heroine of the story is pretty sassy*
come to think of it
with a premise like that
the whole story is probably very sassy