Sunday, September 5, 2010

religious art seeks me out. is it a sign?

Day four of my Blogger challenge
and an interesting
thing about me
is that
Religious Art
 finds it way to me 
in the most surprising of ways
and as
Joan from Charleston Daily Photo would say
I've got a 
but its more like
This paint by number of the Last supper

I found it in a goodwill my freshman year of college
it was being stepped on 
and looked as if it 
destined for the trash pile
~I took one look~
and knew I needed to take it home
and appreciate 
the love
 & care
 that someone took
to meticulously paint
(and frame)
~this paint by number~
*its seriously huge*

More recently I purchased 
a lovely watercolor
from a thrift store
*in a seriously fugly frame*

~as I was prying out the back of the frame~
much to my surprize
 I realized it wasn't just any ordinary
*mat job*
it was a golden Jesus


So as time goes on
my little art collection 
~just accidently getting bigger~