Thursday, September 2, 2010

What would Dolly do?

So an interesting fact about my sassy self is
1. My personal manta involves Dolly Parton
yes. that Dolly Parton 
~I have always loved her~
she is talented, funny, smart and unsinkable


People often remark that I am unfailingly positive
I totally give Dolly all the credit
If things get hectic
and I get stressed
I ask myself
"What would Dolly do"
She is someone I can relate to 
I have a big personality
*and a bust to match*

*sometimes customers overstep*
and remark on my bosom 
(even when its totally covered)
instead of getting huffy-and totally mad
I just smile and summon my inner Dolly
and say
"Just imagine how big my heart is" 
*it works every time*