Friday, September 3, 2010


Number 2 in my Blogger Challenge 
**isn't that much of a secret**
~I love to read~
reading falls somewhere in between 
thank goodness
for libraries
and second hand bookstores
I'd be one broke sassy lady

recently I've delved into the world 
of electronic books
via ibooks
at first I was skeptical 
I love everything about books
with my ireader i thought i would miss
the smell 
the feel
*stop me if i sound like a cotton commercial*
but the ibooks app has done a fantastic job
of making you feel like your
actually reading a book
(I do miss the musty smell though) 

the best part about reading books
~be it ~
non fiction
is that 
*I can escape into literally anywhere*
visit real
or totally made up places

~Reading Rainbow was right~

there was a time in my life
somewhere between college and real life
where I read a book a day
*not being able to afford cable was key*