Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lulu on the lawn

A very fast puppy

adventure. part two.

If I knew I should die tomorrow, 
I would plant a tree today.
  ~Stephen Girard

Tessa & I had a day off together
and with a lovely sense of adventure
we headed towards Johns Island

is one of my favorite treasures of the lowcountry
 *barely hidden*
off of the main road 
it has stood quietly
for over 1000 years

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lucky Duck

I'm always excited when my friend
~calls me to model for her~
she shot this 
(***with real film***)
on the Isle of Palms 
a couple of weeks ago
her work is so amazing
Check out the rest of her 120 film series 

Monday, September 13, 2010

I legit just fist pumped when I opened my email inbox this morning- with an enthusiastic YES!

who knew that getting 
from Netflix
would put me in such a good mood
(we haven't seen it yet) 
Date Night with the Director's Cut

are my absolute 
I'll Let you know how it goes 

Sunday, September 12, 2010

O my gosh bagosh ~ Etsy love

from the Oh so talented
if someone was looking to say,,,
~send this in the mail ~
to my little piece of heaven in South Carolina
Lulu and I would be super excited to hang it in our house

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Caffeine daydreams~

Day seven of my
~Blogger Challenge~
something about myself that not everyone knows is...
Caffeine is my crutch 
the boyfriend would suggest
~ leaving me be~
*until I've had my first cup of coffee*
the bar industry keeps me out pretty late
so my sleep schedule is wacky 
when I have a day off
I like to get as much out of it as possible
and all that is made possible
by my delicious 
-my day is thrown off without it-

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Beginners luck runs in the family~

Day six of my 
something that not
everyone knows about me is
-I have beginners luck-
(I hope it doesn't go away now that I've said it outloud)
I usually am able 
to complete something I've never done before
and pull it off 
-but just don't ask me to do it again-
(it very rarely works twice) 

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I love cookbooks- but I rarely use recipes

Day five of my 
Blogger Challenge 
an interesting fact about myself is...
I love cookbooks
but I rarely use recipes 
(unless it's cookies & cakes)
I look at cookbooks 
for inspiration 
the way Anna Wintour
 might soak in NYC fashion week
I buy cookbooks
~for the philosophy~
the theories
the pictures
just not the recipes

I take what I see
and read
into the kitchen
and make my own spin
on the recipes

Sunday, September 5, 2010

religious art seeks me out. is it a sign?

Day four of my Blogger challenge
and an interesting
thing about me
is that
Religious Art
 finds it way to me 
in the most surprising of ways
and as
Joan from Charleston Daily Photo would say
I've got a 
but its more like
This paint by number of the Last supper

I found it in a goodwill my freshman year of college
it was being stepped on 
and looked as if it 
destined for the trash pile
~I took one look~
and knew I needed to take it home
and appreciate 
the love
 & care
 that someone took
to meticulously paint
(and frame)
~this paint by number~
*its seriously huge*

More recently I purchased 
a lovely watercolor
from a thrift store
*in a seriously fugly frame*

~as I was prying out the back of the frame~
much to my surprize
 I realized it wasn't just any ordinary
*mat job*
it was a golden Jesus


So as time goes on
my little art collection 
~just accidently getting bigger~

Saturday, September 4, 2010

I feel naked without my camera~

Day Three
Something that people might not know about me
~is that~
I keep very organized 
chronological photo albums
I love photos
I buy prints in bulk from snapfish.com
I would love to scrapbook
but blogging has kinda
*cured my itch for all that*
fun photos of my friends and family 
are some of my most
~treasured possessions~

~here are some of my favorites ~
(Charley Ann & I )
*who knew they would kick you out for hula hooping with giant wreaths*

(Jordan on her 21st birthday + a large roadside elephant)

( LuLu on the beach)

(me on the IOP)

*this might be my absolute fav*
(a photo of a polaroid) 
taken on a girls trip to Savannah 

Friday, September 3, 2010


Number 2 in my Blogger Challenge 
**isn't that much of a secret**
~I love to read~
reading falls somewhere in between 
thank goodness
for libraries
and second hand bookstores
I'd be one broke sassy lady

recently I've delved into the world 
of electronic books
via ibooks
at first I was skeptical 
I love everything about books
with my ireader i thought i would miss
the smell 
the feel
*stop me if i sound like a cotton commercial*
but the ibooks app has done a fantastic job
of making you feel like your
actually reading a book
(I do miss the musty smell though) 

the best part about reading books
~be it ~
non fiction
is that 
*I can escape into literally anywhere*
visit real
or totally made up places

~Reading Rainbow was right~

there was a time in my life
somewhere between college and real life
where I read a book a day
*not being able to afford cable was key*

Thursday, September 2, 2010

What would Dolly do?

So an interesting fact about my sassy self is
1. My personal manta involves Dolly Parton
yes. that Dolly Parton 
~I have always loved her~
she is talented, funny, smart and unsinkable


People often remark that I am unfailingly positive
I totally give Dolly all the credit
If things get hectic
and I get stressed
I ask myself
"What would Dolly do"
She is someone I can relate to 
I have a big personality
*and a bust to match*

*sometimes customers overstep*
and remark on my bosom 
(even when its totally covered)
instead of getting huffy-and totally mad
I just smile and summon my inner Dolly
and say
"Just imagine how big my heart is" 
*it works every time*

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A week of sassy things about Moi~

Kristen from Darlin I'
has passed on 
an honest to blog challenge
(via kerr)
~since I have accepted the mission~ 
I am going to be posting 
fact about my sassy self every day for the next week

(Kristen & I feeding each other cake)

~see you tomorrow~