Saturday, September 4, 2010

I feel naked without my camera~

Day Three
Something that people might not know about me
~is that~
I keep very organized 
chronological photo albums
I love photos
I buy prints in bulk from
I would love to scrapbook
but blogging has kinda
*cured my itch for all that*
fun photos of my friends and family 
are some of my most
~treasured possessions~

~here are some of my favorites ~
(Charley Ann & I )
*who knew they would kick you out for hula hooping with giant wreaths*

(Jordan on her 21st birthday + a large roadside elephant)

( LuLu on the beach)

(me on the IOP)

*this might be my absolute fav*
(a photo of a polaroid) 
taken on a girls trip to Savannah