Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fall in New York City

( Central Park from my iPhone)

The boyfriend and I took a quick trip to the big apple
we had tickets to 
Pee Wee Herman on Broadway
~We had a wonderful time~
except that the boyfriend came down with the flu

(here he is about to eat his chicken noodle at Shopsins

Pee Wee Herman was amazing
the boyfriends review was perfect
he said:
"well that's not something I'm going to forget in a long time"

pee wee.jpg

Since the boyfriend was stuck in the hotel room
I explored all on my own
*pretty fun in a big city*
I saw an old friend and ate a lovely crepe cake
walking around my hotels neighborhood

I found a Levi's jean photo shoot
 complete with vintage camera rental
I ate homemade doughnuts and a pot of chocolate
was amazed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

~We had a blast~
but it was pretty amazing to get back home
to our all American city